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Auto parts performance testing is important
Jan 13, 2017

Cylinder seal test

Factors affecting the tightness of the cylinder are the seven main wear of cylinder, piston rings damaged piston wear and tear, damage to the valve seat, valve guides worn, damaged cylinder head gasket, valve clearances and other problems.

What are the commonly used methods of diagnosis? Channeling main measuring cylinder, crankcase pressure gas, cylinder leakage and the leakage rate, intake manifold vacuum, the cylinder piston group noise due to excessive wear and vibration measurement, particle content of wear metals in the crankcase is measured.

For cylinder compression pressure measurement, it is mainly at the end of four-stroke engine compression pressure. Due to cylinder of pressure and oil of stick degrees of and cylinder piston group, tie situation Xia, distribution gas institutions of adjustment whether right, cylinder pad of sealed sex, aspects factors, so, in measurement engine cylinder of pressure Shi, can diagnosis cylinder piston group of sealed situation, if piston ring, and valve, and cylinder pad sealed sex if good, so valve of clearance on must to appropriate.

Second, silencer firmness detection

Silencers are inside the outer cylinder and honeycomb structure, two parts at high temperatures, vibrations and other special environments is by mechanical buckle craft together. We know that the quality of this process depends on precision of design, if the combination is not strong in the car in use in high temperature, vibration and other factors resulting in loose or have fallen off. But let us first sector is related to the quality of the relief had been rather strict demands on the technology.

For the actual test methods, test tools in the industry are using the universal test machine, with resistance to the pressure plate clamps, silencer two members with shear forces. Results repeat measurement error should be less than 5%.

Three, the Interior inspection

Interior including seats to form materials, tank decoration material and the adhesive stick inside the car. Main testing their safety: 1. gases harmful 2. flame retardant.