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Development of diversified plastics
Jan 13, 2017

1.PV c plastic door and window assembly equipment technology

Early in the late 1980 of the 20th century, 90, of plastic window and door products to begin production in China, the original equipment is limited to linear layout of common welding machine, double head saw, hand-corner cleaning machine, the most basic model. After several years of research and development, now has many different classes, multiple specifications of products. According to statistics, the various specifications of models up to 160 per cent.

Plastic window and door equipment classified by functions, can be divided into:

(1) welding machine class: including line layout type, and plane layout type; (2) saw machine class: including single, and double head, v type; (3) milling machine class: including imitation type, and slot hole, and end surface; (4) shovel milling machine class: including angle sewing; (5) rushed cut machine class: including slot hole, and cut side; (6) assembled machine class: including screws tight solid, and hardware pieces installation, and glass installation, and into window assembled; (7) auxiliary equipment class: including type material frame, and dedicated table, and into window transport car,.

(2) by equipment of automation degree divided, can is divided into: (1) NC automatically class: including NC plane layout type welding machine, with optimization Xia material software of NC saw, milling processing center, NC welding, clear processing center, NC saw, NC clear angle, with optimization Xia material software of NC sent material machine, with optimization Xia material software of NC glass cutting machine; (2) program semi-automatic class: including line, and plane layout type General welding machine, single points, and arc welding machine, General clear angle; (3) hand control single moving class: including imitation type milling, end surface milling, Sink milling, milling, single and double head saw, saw, bead saw, v-cut, lock-hole drilling, milling machine and so on.

From the device's technology, quality of analysis, our racks of plastic door and window assembly equipment Division using low carbon steel square tube welded structure, this structure has the advantage of a relatively short production cycle, easy to mass production. Processing object relative to the device, its rigidity and bearing performance can meet the requirements. In other parts of processing, due to the current recession in most industrial enterprises to the plastic window assembly equipment maker a perfect opportunity, so parts are considered mechanical processing capability's main source of income and is valued.

At present, the domestic plastic window and door of the basic structure and design process has many similarities. Some products are even drawing is from the family, which has become well known in the industry. This product of inbreeding similar imitation is not conducive to the development of the industry.