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Development trend of die
Jan 13, 2017

With the development of mold industry, the demand for products and also gradually improved. This increase leads to technological upgrading of the industry more dynamic. In the development of the industries of the future, nature of technological innovation is a major technology upgrade is necessary, this high-speed development of the industry and the market demand is the most important condition. China's mold industry starts late, early are low-end products as the main for a long time, but with the gradual transition, new opportunities for industry already had before.

At present, the domestic market is in great demand for high-grade die, including home appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry to die in greatest need. It is understood that the "Twelve-Five" period, the overall trend of the market steadily, but made the stencil must be in terms of quality, delivery and other aspects to meet users ' needs.

The international market in recent years, industrialized countries increased labor costs, it is shifting to developing countries, particularly in Southeast Asian countries. Its domestic production of high precision molds, mold relies on manual labor input to import. Therefore, the middle of molds have great potential in the international market. As long as homemade mold can improve the quality, delivery to guarantee that the mold is very optimistic about the prospects of export. In addition, mold standard parts are in great demand in the international market. At present, only a few exports.