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Lightweight, elegant, fast and efficient
Jan 13, 2017

Light will increase the use of plastic and the development of new materials, including plastic, modified plastic, metal and plastic, magnesium alloys, composite materials, and so on, this requires new forming technology, which also requires a suitable new molds. For example, the increasing use of high-strength plate on the car in order to reduce weight, hot forming on ultra high strength plates and corresponding heat forming die naturally become a trend, and so on.

Fine, ask shape nice, bug-free, this requires fine, precision high quality mold and adapt. We fine a large gap, the fine is often overlooked, failed.

Fast, efficient production, which requires the enterprise to try to shorten the production cycle, delivering the mold to mold the user as soon as possible, on the other hand is more important to allow users to use your mold products quickly and efficiently. For example, multi-cavity parts, laminated molds, hot runner technology to reduce the use of time and the use of multi-layer composite technology, in-mould decoration, high light seamless injection molding technology, line detection, process technology, multi line multi-station technology. While the stamping forming process requires intelligent mold to fit in.

Low cost, through tooling design, manufacturing and Assembly to achieve low cost manufacture low-cost supply of die, it is more important to make users use a mold to achieve low-cost production. This die put forward higher requirements. Mold manufacturers must do to make users make money, then he will make money. Low cost process, regardless of whether mold also use mold enterprises, continuously improve management to realize enterprise information management requirements and development directions.

High quality and to product quality, you must first die quality, mold stability must be better ensure product consistency is better, but also to guarantee long life. High quality tooling and technology are at stake.