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Mold maintenance considerations
Jan 13, 2017

1, and processing enterprise first should to each Deputy mold equipped with resume card, detailed records, and statistics its using, and nursing (lubrication, and cleaning, and rust) and the damaged situation, accordingly can found which parts, and component has damaged, wear degree size, to provides found and solution problem of information information, and the mold of forming process parameter, and products by with material, to shortened mold of test time, improve production efficiency.

2, and processing enterprise should in injection machine, and mold normal running situation Xia, test mold various performance, and will last forming of plastic pieces size measurement out, through these information can determine mold of existing State, find type cavity, and type core, and cooling system and points type surface, of damaged where, according to plastic pieces provides of information, can judge mold of damaged state and maintenance measures.

3, and to on mold several important parts for focus track detection: top out, and oriented parts of role is ensure mold opening and closing movement and the plastic pieces top out, if which any parts for injury and card live, will led to discontinued, so should often keep mold thimble, and guide column of lubrication (to selection most for of lubricant), and regularly check thimble, and guide column, whether occurred deformation and the surface injury, once found, to timely replaced; completed a production cycle zhihou, to on mold work surface, and movement, and oriented parts coated covered professional of oil, Especially should attention on with gear, and tooth article mold bearing parts and spring mold of stretch strength of protection, to ensure its always in best work State; with production time continued, cooling road easy deposition scale, and rust, and mud and the algae,, makes cooling flow road section variable small, cooling channel variable narrow, greatly reduced cooling liquid and mold Zhijian of hot exchange rate, increased enterprise production cost, so convection road of cleanup should caused attention; for heat road mold,, heating and the control system of maintenance conducive to prevent production fault of occurred, Therefore particularly important. Therefore, after each production cycle between the mold heater, bar heaters, heating probe and the thermocouple measuring with ohm meter, if damaged, must be promptly replaced, and compare with the tool folder, make a record in order to timely identify problems, take measures.

4, pay attention to the mold surface maintenance, which directly influence the product surface quality, focused on preventing corrosion, so choose a suitable, high quality, professional oil is especially important. After mold production, should take carefully remove remaining in different ways depending on the injection molding, copper rod, copper wire and professional residual cleaning agent clean the mold injection mold and other sediments, and then dried. Disabling iron wire, steel bars and other hard things clean, so as not to scratch the surface. If corrosive rust caused by injection, to use a grinder to grind polishes, and sprayed a professional oil, and then die in a dry, cool, dust-free storage.

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