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PVC thermal stability of a solution
Jan 13, 2017

Because of the poor thermal stability of PVC, so you must join the corresponding stabilizers, repairing defects of the PVC chain, and dechlorination of PVC produces HCL absorption in a timely manner. Due to the processing of PVC viscosity, shear characteristics of stabilizer must join the corresponding lubricant such as polyethylene wax.

Polyethylene wax, PE waxes, low-molecular-weight polyethylene, formed by ethylene polymerization, synthesis, catalytic system for synthesis of products of different molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and molecular chain structure differ, there is a clear difference in performance of the corresponding product. PE wax is usually a white powder, average molecular weight in 1500-5000 has a melting point of 100-120. It has excellent external lubrication in PVC processing, you can effectively improve the liquidity of PVC processing, production, dispersion, surface gloss and stripping. Because of its high molecular weight, melting point, and very good temperature stability, high temperature and high shear conditions are showing strong lubricating effect.

Polyethylene wax products can improve the process of PVC thermal stability and liquidity, increase the efficiency of extrusion of PVC products, improve the surface gloss, and effectively reduce the precipitation process of PVC products.

Currently domestic market PE waxes are classified as follows:

1. ethylene polymerization into PE wax, PE wax lubrication performance of the production well, high gloss, narrow molecular weight distribution, quality is very stable and representative product such as United States Honeywell A-C series.

2. the by-product of vinyl polymerization process, commonly known as cards wax, through refining, purifying to get PE wax, this product has low viscosity and high melting point, outside the excellent lubricating properties, low price, but the quality of raw material and technological changes have a certain fluctuation, due to characteristics of the refining process, there will be a lot of low melting point components in products.

3. PVC thermal stability of low-molecular-weight poly ethylene pyrolysis products, commonly known as the cracking of wax, the cracking process is simple and easy to operate, but the molecular weight distribution of the product with certain movements in the production process, quality is relatively good, there will be a small part of low melting point components