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What is plastic injection molding
Jan 13, 2017

Injection moulding (molding) is a thermoplastic or thermosetting molding compounds in the heating cylinder in uniform plasticizing, then the plunger or move the screw pushes into a closed mold cavity molding method. Almost all of the injection molding thermoplastics. In recent years, is also successfully used for molding thermoset plastics in injection molding. Injection molding cycle time is short (a few seconds to a few minutes), molding product quality can be from a few grams to tens of grams, forming a complex shape, the precise size, with a metal or non-metal insert molded products. Therefore, the method is adaptable, high production efficiency. Injection molding injection machine into the plunger Rod injection machine and screw injection machine categories, and mold injection system, locking system consists of three parts