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Chrome-plated Types And Uses
Jan 13, 2017

① protection a protective decorative decorative chromium plating chromium plating commonly known as decorative chrome, the plating is thin, light and beautiful, typically as multilayer

Outermost layer of the plating, for protection purposes, in zinc matrix or steel substrate must first be sufficiently thick plating on the middle tier, and then, in the light of the middle-tier coated with 0. 25~0. 5 μ m thin layer of chromium. Commonly used process are Cu/Ni/Cr, Ni/Cu/Ni/Cr, Cu-Sn/Cr, and so on. After the polished surface of decorative chromium plating, Silver-Blue mirror gloss can be obtained. Long in the atmosphere does not change color. This type of coating is widely used for cars, bicycles, sewing machines, watches, instruments, hardware and other components for the protection and decoration. Decorative chromium layers of polished optical high reflection capacity, it can be used as a mirror.

Multilayer nickel plating of porous or micro-crack chromium, is to reduce the total coating thickness, high corrosion resistance of the decorative system of the protection of an important way, is also the modern galvanization technological development direction.

② hard chrome plating (wear-resistant chrome) coating with extremely high hardness and wear resistance, can extend the life of workpieces, such as cutting and drawing tools, all kinds of materials to suppress mold and casting, gears, bearings, shafts, gauges and so on, can also be used to repair worn parts dimensional tolerances. Hard chromium plating thickness is generally 5~50 μ m, can also be set according to the needs, some of them over 200~800 μ m. Hard chromium plating of steel parts do not need intermediate coating, as have special requirements for corrosion resistance, or among different coatings.

③ White chromium plating chromium plating layer is milky white, low gloss, toughness, low porosity, color, hardness lower than hard chrome chrome and trim, but the high corrosion resistance, commonly used for measuring tool and instrument panel. To increase its hardness, white coating can be hard chromium plating layer, the so-called double chrome plating, both white chrome-plated layer and characteristics of hard chromium coating, used in the plating as well as wear and corrosion of parts.

About porous chromium plating (porous chromium) is the use of chrome itself has a fine crack characteristics of hard chromium plating of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical loose holes, to further deepen and widen the crack network. Chrome surfaces dotted with wide Groove, not only has the characteristics of wear-resistant chrome, and can effectively store the lubricant to prevent running dry, improve surface friction and abrasion resistance. Often used in sliding friction parts by weight of surface coating, such as inner cavity of cylinder tube, piston ring in internal combustion engine.

⑤ Black chromium-plated black chrome plated black uniform gloss, decoration is good, with good extinction; high hardness (130~350HV), under the same thickness 2~3 times higher wear resistance than the bright nickel and the corrosion resistance of chrome and the same, mainly depends on the thickness of the middle-tier. Good heat tolerance in the 300 c will not change. Black chromium layer can be directly coated on iron, copper, nickel and stainless steel, in order to improve corrosion resistance and decorative effect, copper, nickel or copper-Tin alloys can also be used as bottom in black chromium-plated coating on its surface. Black chrome plating is commonly used for coating aircraft instruments and optical instrument components, solar panels and commodity protection and decoration.

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