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Cognitive Ability And Analytical Skills, Imagination
Jan 13, 2017

Jigsaw puzzle categories: improve children's cognitive ability and analytical skills, imagination, children's sense of achievement.

Beach toys: Beach toys cheap, is one of the children were enabling toys in outdoor activities. It can develop the children's hands, enhanced the children's imagination and ability.

Games toys: in improving the cognitive abilities of children based on ability to nurture their children's hands and brain, developed their thinking, the ability to exercise skills and hand-eye coordination.

Digital abacus words categories: ability to train our children to set at the same time, the big exercises, training the children's fine motor, inspire children on shape, number and amount of understanding and flexibility of muscles.

Tools: mainly for children to understand, grasp a variety of tool's shape, color and texture, in the process of training the children's hands-on skills and hand-eye coordination, develop imagination.

Puzzle combination: fostering children's spatial ability and fine hands-on capacity, thus increasing their understanding of time, animals, transport and housing shapes, colors, and other aspects of rational understanding. Building block classes: hands-on interest in children, foster children a reasonable mix of awareness and spatial visualization ability; clever drag design, exercise walking ability in children and encourage children's sense of achievement.

Traffic toys categories: by raising children on trains, cars and a variety of awareness and understanding of the structure of the vehicle, based on the training capacity of its Assembly, drag and finishing, raise awareness and self-care ability and spell take understand the relation between objects.

Drag categories: improve children's cognitive abilities, according to different drag animals, let it know the different characteristics of various animals, within the scope of their ability to walk.

Jigsaw puzzle categories: consists of various shapes, content-rich puzzle composed children's combination of graphics, split, then mix on the basis of good understanding, ability to exercise independent thought and cultivate the spirit of their patience and perseverance