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Die In The Heat Treatment Process Of Prevention
Jan 13, 2017

1. to ensure that mold hardness under the premise, as far as possible by cooling, classification temperature cooling quench or quenching process.

2, Changping heat treatment recommendations. The sophisticated die, under the licensing conditions, nitride heat treatment factory proposal as far as possible using vacuum hardening and quenching of cryogenic treatment.

3, for some sophisticated mould pre-heat, nitrogen limitation of heat treatment, quenching and tempering heat treatment to control the precision of die.

4, nitride heat treatment plant in repairing mold sand holes, pores, defects such as wear, use cold welding heat-affected small repair equipment to avoid deformation of the patching process.

5 mold design and reasonable structure, thickness not too wide, symmetrical, experts say, for deformation tool to master the deformation, reserve allowances, can be used for large, sophisticated mould composite structure.

6, sophisticated mould soft nitriding in advance, eliminating residual stress produced in the manufacturing process.