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Mixed Classification Problems
Jan 13, 2017

Plastic of crystalline and non-crystalline.

Crystalline plastics: nylon, ethylene, propylene, Pom, etc;

Amorphous plastics: Polycarbonate, ABS, ABS, vinyl chloride etc.

Structure features:

(1) the crystalline surface is slippery, not brushing, not chrome, it is difficult to face, currently installed color coating will not last, easy to fall off. Packaging coating, printing, coloring, usually taken by electronics and high current taper hair, color printing, but it cannot be sustained, and adhesives are hard to find.

(2) non-crystalline surface can absorb other molecules, such as: ink, chrome-plating, spraying products such as casing, casing, TV chassis, such as the use of non-crystalline, decoration, easy off.

But above two class plastic absolute cannot mixed with, as mixed with that on will scrap, surface produced sparkling, and up mercury lines, serious of up skin, therefore two species type plastic, should note mixed and, or consequences is big, so special on waste plastic for: to identification which a is what material are to respectively pick open to using, but similar plastic mixed is no what big of effect, as propylene vinyl mixed some effect is unlikely to.