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Not All Plastic Lunch Boxes Can Be In The Microwave
Jan 13, 2017

Plastic takeout containers, microwave ovens, but must be limited or selected. Choose nontoxic, tasteless, high temperature, chemically stable plastic lunch boxes, namely, microwave ovens can be used by a private or lunch box. Plain plastic lunch box cannot be used in the microwave.

Wholesale disposable lunch boxes which do not put food into the microwave oven manufacturers tell you:

1, avoid the meat is heated until half cooked and heated in the microwave oven: because bacteria will grow in half-cooked foods, when heated in the microwave oven for the second time, because time is short, impossible for bacteria to kill. The frozen meat must be defrosted in the microwave oven, and then heated for the cooked food.

2, avoid freezing by the microwave oven to thaw the meat: because after you defrost meat in the microwave oven, actually coat the outside of low-temperature heating, this temperature is that bacteria can breed, although freezing allows it to reproduce stopped again, but live bacteria cannot be killed. Defrost meat in the microwave oven, then into the refrigerator, must be heated until cooked.

3, avoid fried foods: hot oil splashes can occur resulting in a fire. In case of accidentally causing fire in the furnace, don't open the door, but after turning off the power supply and cooling until the fire goes out the door.

4, avoid overtime heats: thaw food in the microwave or heated, if you forgot to remove, if the time is more than 2 hours, you should throw away do not, so as to avoid food poisoning.

5, avoid using common plastic containers: use special microwave utensils containing food in the microwave to heat, one is the hot food will distort the plastic container, two ordinary plastics can release toxic substances, contaminated foods, hazardous to human health.

6, avoid using metal utensils: into the furnace of iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enameled utensils, microwave oven in microwave heating will spark and reflection, not familiar with both damage the furnace and heating food.