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The Development Trend Of Plastic Profiles
Jan 13, 2017

At present, the plastic building materials and other products from decorative pieces begin to structure, functional direction. Plastic flooring, wall decoration sales maintained steady growth, polymer building templates, waterproofing materials, wall supports, external wall insulation Board, plastic strengthened brick is gaining more and more application, its growth rate is more than a plastic pipe.

5-15 years in the future is expected, under the guidance of national energy conservation policy, can expect rapid development of plastic building materials market. By 2015, China building plastic tubes and plastic doors and Windows with an average market share of 50% and 30%, respectively. The demand side, building plastic pipe and plastic door and window plus polymer waterproofing materials, decoration materials, insulation materials and other plastic products for construction, total demand is expected to reach 10 million tons.

Institute for prospective industries plastic industry researcher Liu Ximei said the industry developed rapidly, expanding capacity, intensified competition among enterprises in plastic. In addition, the domestic market is becoming saturated, many profiles organizations are looking for development opportunities in the international market. The future, plastic profiles more competition among enterprises will depend on mastery level of core technology among enterprises, level of enterprises, in addition to the need to continuously improve products, also adapted to different national standards, access to obtain international certification or license.